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Online Community Management

A community is a group of people who create a sense of fellowship due to shared values, interests, and resources. An online community is a public or private site for users to virtually interact and share, which is becoming more of a necessity as society spends increasing amounts of time online. Online communities, aka discussion groups, are widely replacing listservs.

Communities are important to business because they achieve goals more efficiently than traditional methods, they extend the impact of marketing, and strengthen brand loyalty.

As an experienced online community manager with a history of working in the not-for-profit industry, Catherine Hackney has demonstrated expertise in increasing member engagement and of the Higher Logic platform.

Increase the confidence members and customers have in your organization with the help of experienced community management services.


Developing a concise community strategy, assistance in launching a new community, reviewing existing sites, regular reporting and analysis - you name it, I do it for online communities. Organizations of all sizes and industries can benefit from online community management and customer engagement services. 

I implement creative solutions to problems such as technical issues, platform functionality, inappropriate usage, inquiries, etc., handling all aspects of the community, including the day-to-day upkeep.


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Catherine Hackney

Principal Consultant

Online Community Expert

Higher Logic MVP and volunteer

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